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Catch your best wave with Glassy!

Full-Fledged Seven Days Forecast

The Glassy Zone App will always keep you informed. Get notified about real-time swell, wind and weather conditions and access to current up-to-date photos and videos of the places you want to keep in touch. Get notifications from your friends or other members of the surf community regarding changers in surf conditions. Glassy takes the information and organizes your potential sessions with detailed analysis of conditions as far up as seven days in advance. With Glassy Zone App you will definitely see some waves coming for days.

Join the Community

Join a community of more than 150.000 users in more than 50 countries and showcase your achievements through our rankings and competitions. In addition, you will be able to compete with your friends and become the best surfer of your local spot.

Track Your Sessions

Glassy Zone provides you with the most accurate date for your surfing sessions by using the best accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope technology. It can track the number of waves you catch and the time it takes you to paddle out there as well as the speed you reach while surfing a wave or while you are paddling, Glassy also calculates the distance factor for every wave you ride.

Glassy Zone Highlights

GlassyApp is Free
Just as the world has put out its best waves at your disposal, we bring you our app for free so that your only goal is to pursue the best spots.
Requires iOS 9.2.1 or higher
Requires Lollipop or higher
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