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How many times a day you think about surfing?

    Take your surf experience to the next level

    This is the reason why Glassy Pro One will change your whole perception of surfing

    • Track the duration of your surf sessions
    • Track the meteorological conditions of each session.
    • Track the number of waves that you get on a session
    • Track the speed you take on a wave
    • Track the time you are ridding a wave
    • Connect it with your friends and share your sessions with them!
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    Find new spots, save them as favorites, and get notifications about the best conditions

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    A new way to track your sessions. Download the app and track surf sessions, check forecasts, anywhere.

    Glassy Pro is the definitive app for surfers. Register your sessions, challenge your friends and other surfers worldwide, improve your ranking for your local spot, and monitor your evolution as a whole. Check back daily to watch your map grow. Instantly access forecasts and insider information about your newest spot.

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