When is my order going to be shipped?

We will ship the Glassy Zone in Autumn 2016. We will keep you updated through regular campaign updates.

What countries do you ship to?

Any and all countries.

What are the shipping costs associated with the rewards?

FREE Shipping to USA and $20 for international shipments.

How is shipping handled?

We will use Air Freight as the shipping method.

How can I pay for my pre-order?

You can use credit card, PayPal, or any other form allowed by Indiegogo.

If I don’t receive any confirmation email, did my pre-order still go through?

Sometimes confirmation emails are caught in spam or junk folders, so be sure to check there first! If it isn't there, email and we'll be happy to confirm your pre-order and resend the confirmation email.

I have more questions, How can I contact with you about my order?

Please feel free to email any questions to:

Will Glassy Zone work for Kiteboarding/Windsurfing/Snowboarding/etc.?

Our goal is for the Glassy Zone to eventually be used in every action sport. Each of those sports needs individual app/data collection customization. We want to start with Surf. As we get the details ironed out for the other water and winter sports, it should be a hop, skip and a jump to the rest of them.

What devices is the Glassy Zone compatible with?

Your Glassy Zone can connect to any iOS or Android device with a Bluetooth Smart (4.0 low energy) connection.

Mobile Apps: iOS 7 and newer; Android 4.3 and newer.

How do I synchronize my Glassy Zone with the Glassy App?

You need to synchronize the Glassy Zone with the app the first time. Once it is synchronized, the app will remember your device and future synchronizations will be automatic.

How do I charge my Glassy Zone?

The Micro USB cable that we provide will charge your Glassy Zone using one of your computer's USB ports. Also it can be charged with the adapter to plug into the wall. The Glassy Zone has a LED with the battery icon that indicates the charge level.

How much life does the battery of my Glassy Zone have?

Battery life up to 7 days in STEP Mode & up to 8 hours in SURFING Mode.

Can I wear my Glassy Zone under my wetsuit?

We don’t recommend that you wear Glassy Zone under your wetsuit because the wetsuit material can cause interference with the GPS and the UV sensor, therefore, the data couldn't be tracked.

How much will Glassy Zone weigh?

Weight: 45gr / 0.1lb

Which colours will Glassy Zone be available in?

It will be available in three different colours: black, aqua or lime.

I just backed your campaign! When do I select the color?

The way it works with Indiegogo is once the campaign is over (assuming its successful), we'll collect that information from you guys via surveys post campaign. We'll keep you guys updated on the details, but don't worry, we will definitely be following up on this.

I’m a surf camp (or something similar) owner and am very interested in Glassy Zone. Who can I talk to about being a retailer/distributor for your product?

You have two options: one is to acquire the reward created for surfcamps, which has a discount for ordering a pack of Glassy Zones, and the other option is to directly contact with us via e-mail writing us to

Can you explain the different USB types compatible with Glassy Zone?

Our band is also USB 3.0 compatible—giving you the fastest way to connect to a computer.

What if I surf in cold water? Has the Glassy Zone enough length to be able to close even wearing a long wetsuit?

Glassy Zone is done by surfers, so we know that most of our time surfers are wearing long wetsuits and even gloves, so for sure we've thought about this situation and we've designed the length of the Glassy Zone considering this situation as well.

Which is the minimum and maximum wrist size for the Glassy Zone?

The minimum wrist that would fit the Glassy Zone would measure 165mm / 6.5in, while the maximum wrist supportable would measure 230mm / 9in. Additionally, we’ve considered wearing wetsuit, so, in case a surfer is wearing a 5mm wetsuit in its wrist, then the maximum fitable wrist would measure 200mm / 7.87in.

Does the Glassy Zone tell the time?

Currently no, but due to requests from several clients we are considering the possibility of including the time through the LEDs.