The innovations that transformed surf culture


A few weeks ago we talked about how crazy was the transformation of surf from it’s beginning to nowadays. Technology has totally revolutionized it! Now it provides us to catch the biggest swells, have a much better experience and totally changed the way we interact with the ocean. So what are the innovations that completely changed the surfing culture?

Not a new that a GoPro attached to the surfboard has become an important item for many surfers to capture the best performance moments. There have been introduced into the market various innovative thermo dry wetsuits which are warmer than ever, floatable sunglasses, surfboard trackers with microchips to find a stolen board and lots of other useful items.

Lately most technological advance has been incorporated into the development of surfboards for the purpose of making them more environmentally friendly and at the same time more high performanced. There were introduced into the industry of surfboard new chemistry like foam that turn them with less weight and more strenght, aeroflex and 3D surfboards that are more flexible, lighter, allow to gain more speed and improve the performance of maneuvers. The newest ones even have the feature of GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer. And for those who are speed lovers, propelled surfboards are already coming. An innovation that created a new surfing type called boosted surf.

The innovation in surfing is not limited to that. What if you are an surf enthusiast but you live in a spot without ocean? That’s not a problem anymore. Artificial wave-making technology is getting more and more popular around the world. Surf is becoming a not geographically limited sport thanks to the new surf parks industry which provide you a better improvement of your surfing by having always good swell conditions.

The advances in technology make our lives much better in many fields. And when it comes to surf, it help us surf better and have more fun. So don’t forget to keep up with technology and download our app. Well, and stay tuned! Because Glassy.Pro has something prepared to surprise you!

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