Its time to surf the wave of change!

Bad times for Surf and Oceans

Plastic, its one of those love hate relationships and we’ve all had them. In our history on this planet we’ve seen the stone age, we’ve seen the bronze age and now we are seeing the plastic age. I know, I know this “age” doesn’t really have the same ring to it but its definitely made a massive impact on us from both the good and bad. We use plastic for absolutely everything, like bottles for the water we drink and even polluting our oceans that we surf.

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Killing the Earth means killing the surf!

Wave Tunnel

Listen up Glassy Users today is the 45th anniversary of Mother Earth day, if you haven’t heard of it heres a brief description! The 22nd of April is the one day of every year that is dedicated to environmental awareness and honouring the awesome planet that we all call home, with over 200 million people in 141 different countries getting involved last year and its fully endorsed by the UN, we thought we would make our own contribution to spreading the word to our surf community.

“So this year Earth day 2015 is all about the oceans” 

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5 Dangers to be aware of when surfing!

Blair Stewart Surfing


Look at the photo above, looks sweet doesn’t it! We all love surfing and its a truly awesome thing to be able to do but like anything else it does have a few things you need to be aware about. Glassy Pro wants to share with the surfing community as a whole the dangers of surfing, to ensure all of our Glassy User are aware, well-prepared and understand the possible dangers when paddling out into the deep-blue.

In no particular order here are the 5 “most common” dangers surfing;

1. Marine life. Its far form the most prolific danger but we had to mention it first. Sharks are the obvious yet least likely of dangers in the ocean. Warm climate spots such as Australia and some areas of the US for example see more incidents surfing than others but there are also many other much more common types of marine life to be aware of surfing that are less talked about such as; Jellyfish, Urchins, Rays, Sea Lions and potentially Snakes.

2. The Ocean. The ocean itself is also extremely dangerous and can pose a threat to surfers in many different ways. Rips and currents can be powerful and easily drain all of your energy. Surfing is meant to have fun, but don’t expose yourself to extreme conditions if you are not ready for them!

3. The Sea bed. The bottom can be just as dangerous as the waves so be careful! Surfing Coral and rocks bottoms can be super fun, but watch out with hitting the bottom!

4. Your Gear. Your gear is essential and most of it either protects you from he effects of surfing or without you couldn’t surf at all, but a pointy-ended board with sharp fins can cause some serious damage whether its your’s or someone else’s. Leashes are also life-savers and sometimes pretty dangerous so be careful of leash tangles and a leash swivel is a good idea for sure.

5. Weather conditions. One of the biggest dangers when surfing, and it can affect you in the cold and the warm climates. Melanoma in the hot spots and Hypothermia in the cold ones so make sure you’re well prepared for whatever the conditions are, that means sunscreen or thick wetsuits.

Be aware, have fun surfing and #TakeTheNextWave 

4 tips for those who love the ocean


The ocean is the big power which gives us the opportunity to have the most wonderful experience on earth, to catch the wave. Unfortunately not everybody is thankful and the situation of the oceans all around the world is getting worse day by day. But it’s not too late to change it. That’s what you can do to help:

Reduce the rubbish! As they say, if you want to change the world you have to start changing yourself. Everyday the oceans are more and more polluted because of the amount of trash, specially plastic bottles thrown in the coastlines that kill the marine life. You can start making a difference being mindful of picking up your rubbish and always clean up after yourself. And if you join a clean-up group it would be a great way to reduce the pollution of the oceans. If there aren’t groups in your area why not to organize one with your friends and family?

Recycle. Did you know that the biggest part of land rubbish ends up in the ocean? Studies have shown that it’s even the 70%. So what you can do? Start recycling. Recycle plastic, glass and paper that later will be reused to manufacture other new products. So if we reduce the rubbish on the land the smaller part will reach the ocean.

Use an eco-friendly surfboard. Most of the modern surfboards are made of toxic, petroleum based chemicals that has a huge impact on the ocean environment. Better use surfboards made of eco-friendly, organic-based materials. Don’t worry, they are as good, durable and high-performance as the traditional ones, just much better for the planet.

Influence a change in your community. Some people see only what they want to see. So let know your friends and family about the ocean issues and how they can help to change it. The more people will know it, the bigger the impact will be.

Surfing is not just riding a wave, it’s a connection with the ocean. The ocean is what challenge us, gives us incredible emotions and turns us on. But to receive we must learn to give too. Every help can make a difference. As Laird Hamilton once said: “The biggest sin in the world would be if I lost my love for the ocean”. So love it, take care of it, share your knowledge and inspire to make a change!

If you know more ways of how to respect the marine life please share it with us!