Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches


CASIO has chosen the Glassy’s app to integrate it into its biggest release in 2017, the new Casio Smartwatch WSD-F20 Pro Trek Smart, a water resistant watch specially designed for outdoor sports. With this alliance, Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches.

Already in the final production process of our Glassy Zone and ever closer to our launch, we would like to tell you about how small projects can become great ideas. CASIO, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of electronic devices, has chosen the Glassy’s app to integrate it into its new Casio Smartwatch WSD-F20 Pro Trek Smart, a water resistant watch specially designed for outdoor sports and its biggest release in 2017. With this alliance, Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches.



Pro Trek Smart will integrate some of the features of our app, such as notifications of spots and full-fledged seven days forecast to always keep you informed. Although it will not include our main value, the tracking of the waves, or the UV sun rays alerts, which will be an exclusive features of our Glassy Zone, and the main focus of our brand. In this way, the watch combines several apps, becoming one of the most outstanding and complete smartwatches of the outdoor market.




We are sure that this agreement between the two parties will be very enriching for both brands. From Glassy, proud of the recognition of the value of our product and our trajectory, having the opportunity to enrich and grow our community together with a world brand as recognized as CASIO. For CASIO, the opportunity to access the features of the number 1 Android surf app on the market.

Now, you know that you will surf the wave next to the best.

The innovations that transformed surf culture


A few weeks ago we talked about how crazy was the transformation of surf from it’s beginning to nowadays. Technology has totally revolutionized it! Now it provides us to catch the biggest swells, have a much better experience and totally changed the way we interact with the ocean. So what are the innovations that completely changed the surfing culture?

Not a new that a GoPro attached to the surfboard has become an important item for many surfers to capture the best performance moments. There have been introduced into the market various innovative thermo dry wetsuits which are warmer than ever, floatable sunglasses, surfboard trackers with microchips to find a stolen board and lots of other useful items.

Lately most technological advance has been incorporated into the development of surfboards for the purpose of making them more environmentally friendly and at the same time more high performanced. There were introduced into the industry of surfboard new chemistry like foam that turn them with less weight and more strenght, aeroflex and 3D surfboards that are more flexible, lighter, allow to gain more speed and improve the performance of maneuvers. The newest ones even have the feature of GPS, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer. And for those who are speed lovers, propelled surfboards are already coming. An innovation that created a new surfing type called boosted surf.

The innovation in surfing is not limited to that. What if you are an surf enthusiast but you live in a spot without ocean? That’s not a problem anymore. Artificial wave-making technology is getting more and more popular around the world. Surf is becoming a not geographically limited sport thanks to the new surf parks industry which provide you a better improvement of your surfing by having always good swell conditions.

The advances in technology make our lives much better in many fields. And when it comes to surf, it help us surf better and have more fun. So don’t forget to keep up with technology and download our app. Well, and stay tuned! Because Glassy.Pro has something prepared to surprise you!

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Glassy got pimped this summer!

The world is your spot

To those of you who are new to Glassy Pro, welcome! We are stoked to see you on here.
And to those of you who have been with us from the beginning; day after day; session after session… we’ve missed you!
We’ve been away from the blog for a little while but we are back now with a brand new look and a ton of news and new additions to talk to you about.

Global Spots

You may be familiar with our credo “The world is your spot”. This couldn’t be truer… Right now, as I am writing this, we have 4,147 spots uploaded to Glassy – and yes, that’s WORLDWIDE! Watch this number grow and grow thanks to all you – our awesome Glassy Team. Can’t find yours? What are you waiting for? Add it now, it couldn’t be easier…

Add your own spot

Wherever you are in the world you’re sure to find the perfect spot on your Glassy app. Our spots are now public so anyone in the world, anywhere in the world can scope out best ones to hit up.

Local Spots

So your local spot isn’t on Glassy? No worries! You can add and edit as many spots as you like and share them with the world. Give a buddy heads up on your latest discovery, share the love! Check out the forecast in real time, make sure the conditions are just what you’re looking for, and get local knowledge specifically tailored to you.

Favorite Spots

Managing your spots is hassle-free. Once you’ve selected your top spots as favorites, leave the rest to us; we’ll notify you direct to your phone when the conditions are prime. Drop what you’re doing, grab your board and your crew and do what you do best…

My favorite Glassy spot

Get involved!

If you need a little help deciding on your next spot, let us help you – check out Facebook and some of the sweetest spots to be added to Glassy Pro – you can even vote for your favorite.

Follow us on Twitter, send some love our way! We wanna hear from you – send us your gnarly action shots.

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