10 Tips to (Start) Surfing

1. Love to Wipeout

If you’re not prepared to wipeout, go home now – You’re gonna fall a lot. You need to walk before you can run. Well, with Surfing you need to fall before you can stand. This takes time and varies among people, grit and determination will get you there in the end. Remember to work with the Ocean and not against it or you’ll be fighting a losing battle.


Love to Wipeout
Shot Taken by Rabejac During the 2010 Quiksilver Pro France.


2. Hire an Instructor to Increase Learning Curve

If you want to be out in the vast blue as soon as possible you’re going to need an instructor. They will tell you where you’re going wrong, what you should be doing and generally fine tune your technique. However, some people love finding their own way of understanding and taming nature’s beast. Riding your first wave is like no other sensation.


3. Where to get Your First Surf Board?

So you’re going to need a board if you want to surf. Boards are not the cheapest commodity going, make sure you’re committed to surfing when looking to buy a first board.

Craiglist and similar online sites are a great place to buy second hand boards, if you’re not ready to fork out for your own just yet. Depending on where you are, it will be possible to rent some gear from a local shop – Also a great place to pick up local knowledge on the area if you’re travelling or just starting out.

Typically a longer, soft board to test the water is advisable for newbies. It’s more stable and won’t hurt as much when you wipe out on your first few tries. Once you know you want to get serious, ensure you do some research and your specifications compliment the board –Height, weight etc – The best way to do this is to ask around in your local surf-shop.


where to get your surf board


4. Wetsuit & Sun Cream 

Skin cancer is a very real danger for surfers. When you’re out paddling hunting for swells you have the sun beating down on you, but it also reflects off the ocean like a mirror. This greatly increases your chance of sunstroke in the short term and skin cancer in the long term. Two things will help you out here; a wetsuit and some solid sun cream. Surfers often use baby bum cream due
to its pasty nature and high zinc content Continue reading “10 Tips to (Start) Surfing”