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“For many folks, surfing is a passion and a romance. It can be thrilling; it can be thrilling. Just like love, one might say.”


Surfing is the sport of riding waves. Surfers catch ocean, river or made waves, and glie across the surface of the water until the wave breaks and loses its energy. Surfing is a way of life, a philosophy. It is all about nature, fun, practice and respect.

So you want to learn to surf? Here you will find many tips that maybe can help you in your first steps into this –amazing- world!


1.-Always, above all things, have fun!

As Phil Edwards said: “The best surfer out there is the one having most fun”.

2.-Learn with someone.

First steps into surf can be (as in any other sport) a bit hard and maybe dangerous to yourself and others! So it is time to get an experienced friend to teach or maybe a surf camp.


3.-Peace & Love.

Time is not a limit, the limit is just in your mind, so be pacefull with yourself! You will feel really excited once you get into the water but try to be patient and enjoy the experience!

4.-Soft makes the difference.

Did you know that you will be spending a lot of time sitting on your If not, it is the perfect moment to know this. Beginings are not that much easy and Soft-tops are good entry boards and safer for eveybody involved.


5.-Size matters.

Do not start surfing on smaller, shorter boards as quick as possible. Remember point 3.- and be patient and pacefull with yourself!

6.-All together!

Learn to surf with other learners. First steps are always better together, you can learn from others in your same condition and also this places usually have good and small waves to learn better and safer!


7.-Bend your knees and not your back!

You will lose your balance if your position is not the right. Bend your back is not safe, not balanced and not a good look in surfing’s style book.

8.-Stay perpendicular.

Once the wave has broken you need-have to stay perpendicular to the whitewater. If you don’t, you’ve given all that energy more surface area to grab and your board, pulling you under the water and dragging you toward shore.


9.-Paddle, Paddle, Paddle!

Practice it a lot, you will need it! The key? Just to find a rhythm and to keep it. Waves can be brave and this requires to be in shape because it will be… quite exhausting the first few times!

10.-Who said Surf Trip?

This is probably the best idea. Friends, surf philosophy, sea, nature, food, good vibes and really good landscapes are waiting for you. It is the best option to learn and live a great life experience.


How To Care For Your Board

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The Inertia


Surfboards are our pride and joy, our babies, each one packed with memories and dope sessions you never want to forget. Unless you’re stacked or a pro surfer you won’t be updating your quiver every couple of months. However beautiful the sea, she is also a cruel mistress which lashes and scrapes at your baby every time you take it out. You can’t protect it forever but you can damn well try. Here are some tips to keep that board of yours pristine.

Once you’ve finished your surf session you’re going to want to do one of two things. Use a beach shower (if there are any) to wash the salt off your board, then bag that baby out of the sun. Washing the board with clean water will reduce salt damage in the long term. Bagging and keeping it out of the sun will prevent dents, weakening of the outer layer and Read more

4 healthy energy drinks to improve your surf!


Energy filled surf session


We all know that feeling when you’re down in the dumps and just really don’t want to get up and start the day, go to the gym or commit to a surf session. When you generally just can’t be arsed and physically can’t move….yep personally i get it on a monday. When our energy levels are as low as the flashing “low-gas” light coming from the dashboard of your car, that’s when we usually grab ourselves a sugar-filled, caffeine-stocked, generally unhealthy drink to get our hearts racing at 90 and make us feel less zombie like.

 Next time it’s going to be different and your body and mind are gonna appreciate it massively! With no caffeine or added sugar in sight, these 4 natural energy inducing drinks are going to transform your day and your surf.

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Relief to back pain with Glassy’s 7 easy steps

Perfect surf session

Today this article is your little pot of treasure at the end of a rainbow if you suffer from lower back pain! Lower back pain sucks because its a real killer and it can come up out of the blue at anytime! Bad posture and technique from a surf session(s) can lead to it building up slowly without you even knowing, or instantly after a wipeout. We understand how painful it is and therefore today we are going to help you to do something about it.

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A surfer’s mission for optimal nutrition!

Healthy food

If you wanna maximise your potential in surfing and in life then let’s get one thing straight taking care of you body isn’t just about hitting the gym a few times a week or surfing/charging some gnarly waves on a few surf sessions each weekend.  The bigger picture is proper nutrition is essential in order to surf, therefore we’ve got to think about what we are putting into our bodies as well. Your insides and your outside work together in harmony so if you start neglecting one the other won’t appreciate it at all, and neither will your surf sessions!

 So here is a quick look at how you can improve not only your surf but your life in general by following these 3 simple nutrition baby-steps.

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5 apps to make a surfing adventure possible

Surfing trip

A group of us here at GlassyPro have been racking our brains in order to put together this list especially for you, our users! Our plan has always been to make your surfing experiences the best they can possibly be, and this article gives you the chance to make your dreams a reality all from your sofa or maybe from on the toilet (admit it we all use our phones whilst on the loo!).  These five apps are going to help you plan the surfing trip of a lifetime all from your smartphone so sit back, relax (don’t strain) and read on!

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Surfing and meditation give the same sensation!

Surfing & Meditation

Meditation is in right now, everyones doing it. Well almost everyone, if you are a surfer or aren’t a member of our surfing community at GlassyPro and haven’t given meditation a shot then here is a little How-to and a few reasons why you should try it because its as good as surfing for escaping those negative emotions.

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Killing the Earth means killing the surf!

Wave Tunnel

Listen up Glassy Users today is the 45th anniversary of Mother Earth day, if you haven’t heard of it heres a brief description! The 22nd of April is the one day of every year that is dedicated to environmental awareness and honouring the awesome planet that we all call home, with over 200 million people in 141 different countries getting involved last year and its fully endorsed by the UN, we thought we would make our own contribution to spreading the word to our surf community.

“So this year Earth day 2015 is all about the oceans” 

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5 Dangers to be aware of when surfing!

Blair Stewart Surfing


Look at the photo above, looks sweet doesn’t it! We all love surfing and its a truly awesome thing to be able to do but like anything else it does have a few things you need to be aware about. Glassy Pro wants to share with the surfing community as a whole the dangers of surfing, to ensure all of our Glassy User are aware, well-prepared and understand the possible dangers when paddling out into the deep-blue.

In no particular order here are the 5 “most common” dangers surfing;

1. Marine life. Its far form the most prolific danger but we had to mention it first. Sharks are the obvious yet least likely of dangers in the ocean. Warm climate spots such as Australia and some areas of the US for example see more incidents surfing than others but there are also many other much more common types of marine life to be aware of surfing that are less talked about such as; Jellyfish, Urchins, Rays, Sea Lions and potentially Snakes.

2. The Ocean. The ocean itself is also extremely dangerous and can pose a threat to surfers in many different ways. Rips and currents can be powerful and easily drain all of your energy. Surfing is meant to have fun, but don’t expose yourself to extreme conditions if you are not ready for them!

3. The Sea bed. The bottom can be just as dangerous as the waves so be careful! Surfing Coral and rocks bottoms can be super fun, but watch out with hitting the bottom!

4. Your Gear. Your gear is essential and most of it either protects you from he effects of surfing or without you couldn’t surf at all, but a pointy-ended board with sharp fins can cause some serious damage whether its your’s or someone else’s. Leashes are also life-savers and sometimes pretty dangerous so be careful of leash tangles and a leash swivel is a good idea for sure.

5. Weather conditions. One of the biggest dangers when surfing, and it can affect you in the cold and the warm climates. Melanoma in the hot spots and Hypothermia in the cold ones so make sure you’re well prepared for whatever the conditions are, that means sunscreen or thick wetsuits.

Be aware, have fun surfing and #TakeTheNextWave 

So you wanna improve your surf …

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Of course you do, who wouldn’t? Improvement is what we constantly strive for in life and everyone knows that practice makes perfect, so the more time spent in the water catching waves will of course dramatically improve the way you surf. But (and its a big but) the fact that surfing is so physically demanding requires a few minor adjustments in your daily routine.

We are all guilty of passing up on a gym session here and there and the excuses are wearing thin, but even a little bit of training each week goes along way in terms of performance on the water. Surfing has got to be the most enjoyable way to stay in shape and its also a great form of motivation, so when you are looking at that forecast and its looking pretty bleak for the week ahead then why not hit the gym for a little bit of training out of the water, you won’t regret it.

So what do I need to focus on? I hear you ask;

There are four main areas that specifically relate to the needs of surfing and surfers, these are; core stability, strength, flexibility and endurance.


Core stability

This is an essential aspect of training when it come to surfing, first of all the ocean is by far a stable environment plus the fact you are on a board further adds to this. A Strong Core will improve your performance because these muscles are at the centre of the body and basically what keep you balanced and allow the transfer of power to your legs.


  • Plank
  • Side plank
  • Sit up
  • Bicycle crunch

Also try using balance based equipment such as stability balls and wobble boards as this is similar to the way your body works during a surf session.

Source: fit2surf



Its fair to say that as surfers we do more paddling than actual surfing, so upper-body strength and endurance are key to improving your surf. Paddling out can be really demanding sometimes therefore you need to get that upper body strength, and here at Glassy Pro we always say “If in doubt, paddle out!”

As well as having a strong upper body, a strong lower body is also essential because how are you gonna pop up otherwise? A clean and fast pop up is make or break when it comes to catching a wave so this is definitely important. Powerful legs are super important for the leg drive during the pop up and for the position you take on the board.

Upper body exercises

  • Press ups
  • Pull ups

Lower body exercises

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Rowing machine



This is massively important in surfing so take note! If you’re not flexible or don’t work on your flexibility then you are vulnerable to a whole range of injuries. Surfing is demanding and therefore allowing yourself to surf without warming up or stretching out those muscles is a recipe for disaster!

  • Stretching before you surf!
  • Yoga
  • Pilates


Source: HotYoga



Surfing is such a high-intensity sport that surfers need explosive burst of energy at any given moment, also paired with this endurance is an essential part of surfing therefore swimming and rowing will ensure long sessions without getting tired.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    • 5 x 20 second sprints
  • Swimming
  • Rowing

So there you have it, simple yet effective! Just a few simple land based exercises (apart from swimming) that you can do at home, at the gym or even at the beach. Watch yourself improve in both fitness and skills on the water, you can thanks us later.

Glassy Pro:
Be ready to #TakeTheNextWave