A sanctum to surf and localism

Surf sanctum

 When people think of surfers the usual old school stereotypes pop up, that we are those chill, beach bum-stoners. Not true! In recent years we have managed to put the majority of these stereotypes to bed and show our true colours as ambitious, hard-working, respectable thrill-seekers, however gang-bangers…surely not! Here at Glassy we love bringing our surfing community together, and the Glassy app is proof of that. It shows us that our community shares the wealth in terms of surf spots with one another and you cannot deny that taking surf sessions around the globe isn’t something that dreams are made of.

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Keep your filthy paws off Mundaka’s shore!


“The Mecca of surfing in Europe” and “best wave for pro-surfers” are only a couple of the massive amounts of opinions we have seen being made about the surf from the small town of Mundaka in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Glassy has its root in Northern Spain therefore this surf spot is pretty important to us but something outrageous is happening there that the world needs to know about, and to us and many others that famous saying about history repeating itself couldn’t be more true.

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5 apps to make a surfing adventure possible

Surfing trip

A group of us here at GlassyPro have been racking our brains in order to put together this list especially for you, our users! Our plan has always been to make your surfing experiences the best they can possibly be, and this article gives you the chance to make your dreams a reality all from your sofa or maybe from on the toilet (admit it we all use our phones whilst on the loo!).  These five apps are going to help you plan the surfing trip of a lifetime all from your smartphone so sit back, relax (don’t strain) and read on!

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Surf’s up with Glassy …

Glassy Surf Spot Map

Following on from last week! We’ve been working hard and scanning through all the data from all over the world trying to find all things impressive and Glassy that have happened this week, its safe to say you haven’t disappointed us! Same order as last time, but if you don’t remember then here is how it works… int he following order; The longest session, the most popular spot, the most improved surfer and the max swell.

So kicking-of with the first SHOUT OUT this week goes to Asbjørn Brevik for topping our longest session leaderboard. The session below was uploaded from the west coast of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. Sweet, keep going!

Longest session:  Asbjørn Brevik 4h 55m in La Punta

Up next is the most popular spot! This week the most sessions racked up came from a spot in southern Portugal and is well known for its fantastic beaches and great surf conditions. A total of 16 sessions from 16 different Glassy users, it must be pretty special!

Most popular spot: Costa da Caparica 16 sessions

Glassy’s most improved surfer is judged on the great philosophy of “Practice makes Perfect!” so the more sessions you upload in the week the more practice you’re getting. This SHOUT OUT for goes to Monkey Surf with an impressive run this week, uploading sessions almost everyday at Ichinomiya, JPN. Congrats, keep it up!

Most improved surfer: Monkey surf with 16h 5m

Monkey Surf Photo

Last but not least we come to the max swell otherwise known as the biggest surf, which has been recorded by our Glassy Users this week. Its no surprise as we saw the same spot come out on top last week, Iceland is at it again topping our charts with some serious surf. If you haven’t already checked out our Cold-water surfing article then take a peak.

Max Swell: Gardur with 10.7m

Remember if you make it on This Week at Glassy and you’ve uploaded a photo of your surf we will include in the report and show your spot to the whole Glassy Community!

Next week there will be another instalment of “This Week at Glassy” so you have a whole 7 days to get out there and track your surf sessions and maybe your name will appear in next weeks edition!

Remember to #TakeTheNextWave and upload your surf sessions for us to see!

Glasy Pro

This Week at Glassy …

We’ve had a brainwave! At the end of each week our dedicated team of professionals are going to scour the Glassy database and present to you a roundup of all things interesting and surf-related that have happened over the past 7 days. To start with, the four main areas we are gonna cover are; the longest session, the most popular spot, the most improved surfer and the max swell.


So first of all this week we have the longest session, SHOUT OUT to Massimo Rebizi who racked up some serious time catching waves at a spot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Keep it up!

Longest session: 8 hrs at Derecha de Cartel, ESP

Glassy longest session


Next we come to the the week’s most popular spot, so basically its the spot with the most sessions anywhere in the world. Coming out top this week is a spot located close to where the Glassy Pro founder (Mikel) and many of us here at Glassy go to surf…

Most popular spot: 14 sessions at Playa de Lanzada, ESP

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Break the mold and face the cold! Surf spots you wouldn’t expect…

Thick wetsuits and freezing temperatures. Cold-water surfing has been growing in popularity for a while now and it definitely won’t be slowing down anytime soon. It’s a well known fact that it can be bitterly cold in some of the most famous european surf spots such as in the UK, Ireland and the Basque country. This is especially true in the winter months, but what if we were to tell you that there are some serious swells in spots well away from all the crowds and way off the beaten track? Amazing videos and photos are popping up all over the internet of some of the harshest surf spots imaginable, and they are the complete opposite of all the iconic and renowned destinations we love around the world, but the question is could you trade the sun and the sand for ice and snow all in the name of catching that perfect wave?

Source: Todd Glaser


More and more people are saying goodbye to the paradise like surf spots of Southern California, Australia and Hawaii, to head north and say hello to places such as Norway, Iceland and even the Arctic. It has to be said that these spots are not for the faint hearted, and surf sessions in these cold unforgiving environments are not going to let you catch that perfect wave easily. Some of the roughest seas in the world paired with some brutal added extras such as powerful wind and undercurrents, endless blizzards and the constant threat of hypothermia. On the other hand these surf spots can not only produce that one perfect wave that you have been waiting for, but also open your eyes to an environment far from the sandy beaches and the palm trees. Snow covered mountains and thick forests are something completely alien to the majority of surfers and therefore there’s no need to worry about people dropping in or those who have no idea about surfing etiquette.


When we here at Glassy Pro first heard about this surf trend, we decided to check out if any of our users have uploaded any surf sessions taking on these extreme conditions, with a quick look at our Surf Spots. Kodiak Island in Alaska, Nova Scotia in Canada and a place called Vestvågøy in northwest Norway, were just a few of the surf spots uploaded. This shows us that surfing is so much more than just a sport that we do when the weather is nice, and Glassy Users from all over the world are leading the way. They are putting away their board shorts and donning the thickest of wetsuits, now that is dedication!


Glassy Pro: #TakeTheNextWave wherever it may be.