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Skills and creative hobbies

We’ve all got that one thing in common, yep we all we love surfing! We all probably have a wetsuit, a couple of surfboards, spend more in gas getting to our surfing spot than going anywhere else, and we definitely would like to drop everything when the waves are pumping and just jump into the water.

But, what do you do when your are not surfing? Do you have any creative hobbies? If you do then we would love it if could share them with us and our Glassy community. Whether you enjoy writing, creating art, photography or just feel like doing a bit of freelance reporting send it to and become a Glassy Collaborator in our blog.

This is the case of our friend and Glassy Pro Collaborator Meel, a surfer from the Canary Islands who apart from enjoying getting waves is a great artist. Here is an example of Meel’s art work, check it out!

Collaborate on our surf blog!
Solar system by Meel

We appreciate everyone that has taken the time to share with us their hobbies and creative side, but sadly we cannot publish everything that is sent in. Also anything that we receive will first get a quick proof-read before being published just to check for a few things like grammar, style…etc.

You own full rights to anything you contribute and  you give consent for it to be published on You release of any liabilities regarding your submission and any inaccuracies that appear in the published content will be seen to be author ASAP once they are discovered.

The Glassy Pro One Smartwatch

Love surfing? You’ll love our smartwatch. Built by surfers for surfers. Designed to take your surfing to the next level – Check out all its functionalities below and
preorder to be surfing in style in 2015

Glassy Smartwatch - Track your sessions

Track Your Sessions

Do you care about having a healthy life and training? Glassy Pro One tracks the duration of your sessions. How many days did you surf last month? Achieve your goals!

Glassy Smartwatch - Track the Number of Waves

Track the Number of Waves

How good are you in the water? Glassy Pro One counts the number of waves you ride in a single session, you can then compare with your buddies and see who’s top dog.

Glassy Smartwatch - Track Duration

Track Duration

When you are riding a wave time seems to slow down. Have you ever wonder how much time you actually spend on a wave? Glassy Pro One will give you the answer.

Glassy Smartwatch - Create Competitions

Create Competitions With Your Friends

Challenge your friends in the water by connecting your Glassy Pro One to their device and compete in real time.

Glassy Smartwatch - Track Your Speed

Track Your Speed

Do you like to ride fast? Glassy Pro One lets you know how fast you take a wave. Dare to speed and try blow the lid off Glassy’s metrics.

Glassy Smartwatch - Check the Forecast

Check the Forecast

Check the forecast conditions and tides of more than 7.000 surf spots worldwide in real time.


Save, Share & Remember

A good session is hard to forget, but just in case, Glassy Pro One keeps them all in your Glassy profile. You can always check them and remember the good times, epic sessions, surf trips… And of course share them with your friends!

New Features to track your sessions

At Glassy Pro we’re constantly working to develop new features to ensure you all enjoy the surf tracking and help you take your surf experience to the next level.

Today we’d like to tell you about a couple new features that we’ve added recently…


Introducing the new Session Graphs

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a clearer, faster and easier way of seeing and monitoring your progress, thanks to a bar-graph that shows the duration of your sessions (Duration mode) and the height of the waves you have surfed (Height mode).

You can access the Session Graphs from the Sessions screen, by tapping on the Graph  icon next to the Add Session icon.

Glassy new Sessions Graphs


New Board Size parameters in your Quiver

Now you can add your board dimensions (height, width, thickness & volume) to your quiver in the Glassy Pro app.

To add your board’s dimensions to your quiver, go to Profile >  Quiver, then select a board (or add a new one), tap the Edit icon and then tap on the “Size” row.



Monitor your performance, see your progress and enjoy tracking your surf sessions with Glassy Pro!!

Thanks for being part of our community and #TakeTheNextWave

The Glassy Pro Team