Glassy for CASIO

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Last summer, Glassy closed a partnership with CASIO. After this union, Glassy Pro become the official app for Surfing and other water sports in CASIO smartwatches (currently the PRO-Trek).  

The new Casio Smartwatch WSD-F20 Pro Trek Smart, with Google’s new WEAR OS operating system and where the Glassy app is integrated, is a 5 ATM water resistant watch, with GPS and offline color maps, primarily designed for outdoor sports. In this way, Glassy confirmed its official partnership with CASIO for its smartwatches, making what started as a small project bigger and bigger.


We are proud of this highlighting of our product and of the opportunity to grow alongside this world-renowned brand that is CASIO.

This partnership between Glassy and Casio had a first presentation at the CES of Las Vegas held at the beginning of January, where also participated other companies related to the world of nature, adventure or sport.
This February we had the opportunity to announce our partnership also in Tokyo, Japan. An opportunity, together with the rest of brands chosen by CASIO, to present this new technology designed -by and for surfing- and other water sports.




Around 80 Japanese media were in this presentation that had a significant media impact. All a successful event that allowed us to explain our technology and to which Google also went. This is how this cooperation was born joining Google, CASIO and Glassy in a project for outdoor sports and surfing, making it easy for users to utilize it from any device.


Both companies; Google and CASIO, will now bet on this type of partnerships and, a great variety of new actions related to the selected Startups are on the way!


Surf Training Tips

Surfing is more than an exciting sport, it’s also a way of life. Being into this lifestyle icludes a fully dedication from cooking to traveling.

Being a surfer is being a citizen of the world, to move is the only constant and to explore and to appreciate nature becomes maximums.




Knowin the ocean, studying the weather charts, Reading surf books, traveling, eating well, always searching new waves, respecting nature, respecting others and respecting yourself, becomes part of this way of life, always hand held of exercising your body (and mind).




Core, balance, legs strenght, lower/upper body, balance and flexibility becomes basics to keep a fit body and a healthy mind.




Stabilize your torso, help your paddling and improves your balance. Strong core muscules will give you a lot of benefits to keep your body fit for surfing. All your body will be in a kind of “tensión” on the surfboard, this is the reasson why your body should be strong. Abdominal muscles will be active in all moment, your feet will keep you in stability and your legs and arms will give you the balance and security for you not to fail.

That’s why core stability training will playa n important part in your overall fitness progam. Transverse, rectus, abdominals, internal obliques and external obliques are the main groups of muscules that make up the core.

There exists many exercises to do which can help you to improve, ones more simple without requireing any equipment and others more advanced core exercises that includes exercise equipment such as medicine balls or swuiss balls.




Having stronger and streight legs will help you to stay balanced and in control of your board.


Upper body and lower body have to be strenght to even paddle out. It is important to make a good workout including all the body parts. You need to streght to paddle into the waves and the strenght to push up onto your feet. Also for push up you will need decent lower body strength. ..Yes, surfing can be hard work! Balance boards and bosu boards are superb and will combine well with other balance training programs. It is just a combination between different needs and exercises to do a good practice.


workout 5


Balance and flexibility becomes an essential part to workout. It gets quite important when you are into water and onto your surfboard.

Between sessions you can work on this skills to improve and make better your next practice!

Balance and flexibility exercises are ssential into surfing. This is a very physical sport, making this two skills very important.

This trainings strengthen also your hamstrinfs, joints, quadriceps and improve paddling.

Stand on a balance board and do a variety of squats and lunges. If you don’t have a balance board, stand on one foot with your eyes closed. Try to stay balanced for 30 seconds or more. Like all skills, your balance improves the more you practice, so practice daily.

As we’ve already said, surfing is a (very) physical sport, making flexibility more important in this case than in others. A bit of yoga or pilates could help you in this needs. This two sports can make yourself more flexible and will apport you many benefits to your surfing.




In conclussion, it is not about doing a particular extra sport but it is about working your body to be more strong, more flexible and more balanced. Just a part to feel beter to ride waves better!


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Glassy-Tips for Beginners


“For many folks, surfing is a passion and a romance. It can be thrilling; it can be thrilling. Just like love, one might say.”


Surfing is the sport of riding waves. Surfers catch ocean, river or made waves, and glie across the surface of the water until the wave breaks and loses its energy. Surfing is a way of life, a philosophy. It is all about nature, fun, practice and respect.

So you want to learn to surf? Here you will find many tips that maybe can help you in your first steps into this –amazing- world!


1.-Always, above all things, have fun!

As Phil Edwards said: “The best surfer out there is the one having most fun”.

2.-Learn with someone.

First steps into surf can be (as in any other sport) a bit hard and maybe dangerous to yourself and others! So it is time to get an experienced friend to teach or maybe a surf camp.


3.-Peace & Love.

Time is not a limit, the limit is just in your mind, so be pacefull with yourself! You will feel really excited once you get into the water but try to be patient and enjoy the experience!

4.-Soft makes the difference.

Did you know that you will be spending a lot of time sitting on your If not, it is the perfect moment to know this. Beginings are not that much easy and Soft-tops are good entry boards and safer for eveybody involved.


5.-Size matters.

Do not start surfing on smaller, shorter boards as quick as possible. Remember point 3.- and be patient and pacefull with yourself!

6.-All together!

Learn to surf with other learners. First steps are always better together, you can learn from others in your same condition and also this places usually have good and small waves to learn better and safer!


7.-Bend your knees and not your back!

You will lose your balance if your position is not the right. Bend your back is not safe, not balanced and not a good look in surfing’s style book.

8.-Stay perpendicular.

Once the wave has broken you need-have to stay perpendicular to the whitewater. If you don’t, you’ve given all that energy more surface area to grab and your board, pulling you under the water and dragging you toward shore.


9.-Paddle, Paddle, Paddle!

Practice it a lot, you will need it! The key? Just to find a rhythm and to keep it. Waves can be brave and this requires to be in shape because it will be… quite exhausting the first few times!

10.-Who said Surf Trip?

This is probably the best idea. Friends, surf philosophy, sea, nature, food, good vibes and really good landscapes are waiting for you. It is the best option to learn and live a great life experience.


Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches


CASIO has chosen the Glassy’s app to integrate it into its biggest release in 2017, the new Casio Smartwatch WSD-F20 Pro Trek Smart, a water resistant watch specially designed for outdoor sports. With this alliance, Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches.

Already in the final production process of our Glassy Zone and ever closer to our launch, we would like to tell you about how small projects can become great ideas. CASIO, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of electronic devices, has chosen the Glassy’s app to integrate it into its new Casio Smartwatch WSD-F20 Pro Trek Smart, a water resistant watch specially designed for outdoor sports and its biggest release in 2017. With this alliance, Glassy becomes the official CASIO app for all its smartwatches.



Pro Trek Smart will integrate some of the features of our app, such as notifications of spots and full-fledged seven days forecast to always keep you informed. Although it will not include our main value, the tracking of the waves, or the UV sun rays alerts, which will be an exclusive features of our Glassy Zone, and the main focus of our brand. In this way, the watch combines several apps, becoming one of the most outstanding and complete smartwatches of the outdoor market.




We are sure that this agreement between the two parties will be very enriching for both brands. From Glassy, proud of the recognition of the value of our product and our trajectory, having the opportunity to enrich and grow our community together with a world brand as recognized as CASIO. For CASIO, the opportunity to access the features of the number 1 Android surf app on the market.

Now, you know that you will surf the wave next to the best.

Should you switch to Glassy Zone?

Wearables are slowly becoming crucial in our everyday life. I mean, why wouldn’t they – they allow us to stay healthy, improve our performance in various fields and sport, help us keep track of our progress and, most importantly – let us share the whole experience with others. Because there is nothing more motivating than competing with yourself and/or others.

With more and more useful wearables coming out regularly, surfing market is experiencing a boom in this field and to decide on THE one will soon become quite tiring. To save you all the surfing time (on-line), we went on and researched why Glassy Zone beats the budget competition. So you can enjoy your surfing time (in the water) – more and better!

NOTE: We have included those wearables that were both affordable and in a broad use in the surfing community at the time. We also omitted Windows OS at the expense of Android and iOS as the main two operating systems.



Having in mind uniqueness of surfing, we’ve decided on the following criteria:

  • Operating system compatibility

What is it: Most of the mobile phones out there operate on either one of the two main OS’s – Android and iOS. And while the first one is an open-source technology and the most widespread one, the latter obtains the largest profit. This duopoly affects many other tech-related markets that have to comply in order to satisfy their customers’ needs.

How does it help you: Regardless of which mobile phone you use to track your data, you should keep in mind that it’s up-to-date and supports the app you want to run, together with the device you want to use. If your phone runs Android or iOS, you are most likely NOT to have that problem

  • Bluetooth Smart

What is it: Marketed towards novel application, Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) should considerably decrease your power consumption and the cost, while not affecting the communication range.

How does it help you: Bluetooth allows your device to sync with your phone either instantly or after your sessions. Using Bluetooth smart, you will be saving some of the energy allowing you to spend longer time in the water!

  • Battery life

What is it: The largest amount of portable devices use rechargeable batteries (like Li-ion and NiMH) – it minimizes the waste and saves you money, on the long run. Which is what can happen with an excessive use of primary batteries. However, rechargeable batteries tend to “wear off” with time.

How does it help you: Although rechargeable batteries are a good choice for an eco-friendly surfer, they usually have to be charged weekly. The advantage of the primary batteries is that they can power your device for months before running out of strength, which is perfect for those surfers that are forgetful.

  • Accelerometer

What is it: Micro-machined accelerometer, it allows you to measure proper acceleration (“g-force”).

How does it help you: It can work in 3 axis (x,y and z) to give you a better reading of your movement: while in mobile devices it can tell you orientation of your phone, it also measures linear acceleration of movement.

  • Water resistancy level

What is it: There are three levels of water resistance: water-resistant, water-repellent and waterproof. It is usually measured in units of pressure (atm) where 1atm equals 10m/33 feet of water resistance.

How does it help you: Probably one of the most important terms when talking about surfing as it determines up until which point can you submerge your device in the water. While water-resistant devices (usually called splash-proof as they can suffer mild splashes) are often used in fitness, surfers should opt for waterproof devices that could perfectly work even under water. That means no worries when you’re trying to catch that perfect wave!

  • Display

What is it: LED is a flat panel display that uses light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display, while LCD uses light modulating properties of liquid crystals for the same reason. OLED (Organic-LED), on the other hand, works better without the back-light and it’s often use in mobile devices.   

How does it help you: Allowing you to read into your sessions while still in the water can be quite an important aspect. But it largely depends on the size of the wearable – smart watches are usually bigger because of the screen while bands give you a limited amount of info during your sessions.

  • UV sensor

What is it: Prolonged and unprotected exposure to UV lights can damage your skin and eyes, which can potentially lead to some serious health problems. UV sensor doesn’t offer you the protection but it can read the intensity of UV lights.

How does it help you: If you prefer surfing in warmer waters, chances are you are quite often exposed to the direct sunlight. Although, surfers already do take quite a good care of their health, having an extra protection sensor can make a difference.

  • Gyroscope

What is it: Gyroscope supplements accelerometer by giving you a clearer reading, in this case the angular velocity.

How does it help you: As a part of your band/wearable, gyro will be measuring the movements of your wrist.

  • GPS

What is it: GPS device will accurately give you your location by getting that information from GPS satellites. Although developed by US military, it is available for everyone to use.

How does it help you: Seeing your sessions on the actual map? What’s better than that?!




That all being said – it is up to every individual surfer to decide what is the most important thing for them. However, wearables targeting the surfing community, do offer more specific information and accompanying app that will make you relive your sessions as much as you want – after you’re done.

What Glassy has been trying to do for many years now is to help both beginners and those experienced surfers to improve and elevate their performance: first by offering a complete app that allows everyone to track their session in order to record best experience and analyse their own abilities and then by creating Glassy Zone – a wearable that will let you do all of that and even more, with less of work for you.

What distinguishes Glassy Zone from other wearables is the combination of following:

  1. Price – it’s currently a budget wearable and, as that, quite affordable to many.
  2. App – the quite popular Glassy Pro app already has over 9000 surf spots and thousands of registered user for you to befriend or compare with
  3. GPS – a pricey addition found only in more expensive devices is a vital part of Glassy Zone and one of the must-have’s in surfing
  4. UV sensor

Regardless of your surfing level, maybe it’s time to stop settling down for wearables that are not letting you reach your full potential but instead to focus on those that are made FOR surfers, by surfers.


How To Care For Your Board

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The Inertia


Surfboards are our pride and joy, our babies, each one packed with memories and dope sessions you never want to forget. Unless you’re stacked or a pro surfer you won’t be updating your quiver every couple of months. However beautiful the sea, she is also a cruel mistress which lashes and scrapes at your baby every time you take it out. You can’t protect it forever but you can damn well try. Here are some tips to keep that board of yours pristine.

Once you’ve finished your surf session you’re going to want to do one of two things. Use a beach shower (if there are any) to wash the salt off your board, then bag that baby out of the sun. Washing the board with clean water will reduce salt damage in the long term. Bagging and keeping it out of the sun will prevent dents, weakening of the outer layer and Continue reading “How To Care For Your Board”

A sanctum to surf and localism

Surf sanctum

 When people think of surfers the usual old school stereotypes pop up, that we are those chill, beach bum-stoners. Not true! In recent years we have managed to put the majority of these stereotypes to bed and show our true colours as ambitious, hard-working, respectable thrill-seekers, however gang-bangers…surely not! Here at Glassy we love bringing our surfing community together, and the Glassy app is proof of that. It shows us that our community shares the wealth in terms of surf spots with one another and you cannot deny that taking surf sessions around the globe isn’t something that dreams are made of.

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Keep your filthy paws off Mundaka’s shore!


“The Mecca of surfing in Europe” and “best wave for pro-surfers” are only a couple of the massive amounts of opinions we have seen being made about the surf from the small town of Mundaka in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Glassy has its root in Northern Spain therefore this surf spot is pretty important to us but something outrageous is happening there that the world needs to know about, and to us and many others that famous saying about history repeating itself couldn’t be more true.

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Surf’s up with Glassy

Underwater photo


Its Friday, so hold tight the weekend is coming! Before that though its time for the weekly recap to keep you lot up to date with whats been happening across our surfing community. The same order as always starting off with the longest session leading on to the most popular spot, then is the most improved surfer and finished up with the max swell. So without further ado here are this week’s stats…

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4 healthy energy drinks to improve your surf!


Energy filled surf session


We all know that feeling when you’re down in the dumps and just really don’t want to get up and start the day, go to the gym or commit to a surf session. When you generally just can’t be arsed and physically can’t move….yep personally i get it on a monday. When our energy levels are as low as the flashing “low-gas” light coming from the dashboard of your car, that’s when we usually grab ourselves a sugar-filled, caffeine-stocked, generally unhealthy drink to get our hearts racing at 90 and make us feel less zombie like.

 Next time it’s going to be different and your body and mind are gonna appreciate it massively! With no caffeine or added sugar in sight, these 4 natural energy inducing drinks are going to transform your day and your surf.

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