This Week at Glassy …

We’ve had a brainwave! At the end of each week our dedicated team of professionals are going to scour the Glassy database and present to you a roundup of all things interesting and surf-related that have happened over the past 7 days. To start with, the four main areas we are gonna cover are; the longest session, the most popular spot, the most improved surfer and the max swell.


So first of all this week we have the longest session, SHOUT OUT to Massimo Rebizi who racked up some serious time catching waves at a spot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Keep it up!

Longest session: 8 hrs at Derecha de Cartel, ESP

Glassy longest session


Next we come to the the week’s most popular spot, so basically its the spot with the most sessions anywhere in the world. Coming out top this week is a spot located close to where the Glassy Pro founder (Mikel) and many of us here at Glassy go to surf…

Most popular spot: 14 sessions at Playa de Lanzada, ESP

As we know practice makes perfect, the more waves you catch the better your surf! So this week’s SHOUT OUT for the most improved surfer is Massimo Rebizi (again). Good job! Don’t be disheartened if you’re swell wasn’t great this week, have a look at these tips for when the conditions on the water aren’t in your favour but you still wanna improve your surf.

Most improved surfer: Massimo Rebizi with 26 hrs 1 min

Last week we put out an article on our blog about cold-water surfing and how its on the rise, well guess what? The max swell recorded in the past 7 days was in a place well known for being cold, hence the country’s name…

Max swell: 10.7m at Gardur, ISL

Cold-water surfing


Next Friday will be the second “This Week at Glassy” so you have a whole 7 days to get out there and track your surf sessions and maybe your name will appear in next weeks edition! So wherever you are in the world #TakeTheNextWave couldn’t be more appropriate!

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