The Glassy Pro One Smartwatch

Love surfing? You’ll love our smartwatch. Built by surfers for surfers. Designed to take your surfing to the next level – Check out all its functionalities below and
preorder to be surfing in style in 2015

Glassy Smartwatch - Track your sessions

Track Your Sessions

Do you care about having a healthy life and training? Glassy Pro One tracks the duration of your sessions. How many days did you surf last month? Achieve your goals!

Glassy Smartwatch - Track the Number of Waves

Track the Number of Waves

How good are you in the water? Glassy Pro One counts the number of waves you ride in a single session, you can then compare with your buddies and see who’s top dog.

Glassy Smartwatch - Track Duration

Track Duration

When you are riding a wave time seems to slow down. Have you ever wonder how much time you actually spend on a wave? Glassy Pro One will give you the answer.

Glassy Smartwatch - Create Competitions

Create Competitions With Your Friends

Challenge your friends in the water by connecting your Glassy Pro One to their device and compete in real time.

Glassy Smartwatch - Track Your Speed

Track Your Speed

Do you like to ride fast? Glassy Pro One lets you know how fast you take a wave. Dare to speed and try blow the lid off Glassy’s metrics.

Glassy Smartwatch - Check the Forecast

Check the Forecast

Check the forecast conditions and tides of more than 7.000 surf spots worldwide in real time.


Save, Share & Remember

A good session is hard to forget, but just in case, Glassy Pro One keeps them all in your Glassy profile. You can always check them and remember the good times, epic sessions, surf trips… And of course share them with your friends!