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Tunnel Wave

 The weekend is almost upon us, there is light at the end of the tunnel (like the photo above)! It is time get you completely up to date with everything that has happened within our Glassy community in the past week. The weekly summary follows the same schedule so we shall get the ball rolling with the longest sessions followed by the most popular spot, leading on to our most improved user/surfer and finally finishing up the stats review with the max swell.

Also we can’t forget about the week’s sickest photos sent in by you, members of our sensational surf community!

Our SHOUTOUT this week goes to Mike Rosa for the longest session! An impressive surf session coming out of a place called Broulee in Florida. Good Job!


Longest session: 4h 55m at Spessard Holland, USA


This week’s most suffered spot has a little bit of controversy surrounding it, check it out on twitter #SaveMundaka! As you know from previous Surf’s up with Glassy this place is close to our heart, and everyone else’s it seems!


Most popular spot: Mundaka, ESP with 20 sessions


Massimo Rebizzi you have done it again! With an impressive amount of time clocked up in the water we wanna congratulate you for doing what you love! Simply superb as per!


Most improved surfer: 28h 55m


Australia topping the charts again this week with the max swell! Are we seeing a trend here? Great surf and big swell two weeks on the run, that is what we like to see!


Max swell: 9.3m at Discovery Bay, AUS

Mark Blackmoore or @DimExcuses  we take our hat off to you sir! It’s the second week in a row that he has sent in a truly stunning photo that our team has decided takes the week’s top spot. Congrats!

Glassy Pro Spot
GlassyPro Mark Blackmoore

Next week there will be another instalment of “Surf’s up with Glassy” so you have a whole 7 days to get out there and track your surf sessions and maybe your name will appear in next weeks edition! If you haven’t already downloaded to app its available at both the App store and Google Play. Remember if you make it on This Week at Glassy and you’ve uploaded a photo of your surf  or a photo of your board/quiver we will include in the report and show your spot and gear to the whole Glassy Community!

Remember to #TakeTheNextWave and upload your surf sessions for us to see!

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