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Its Friday and that means its time for the weekly summary of all things Glassy! Same schedule as last time so we are pretty sure you guys know how it goes. Starting of with the longest sessions then on to the most popular spot, next up will be our most improved user/surfer and finally finishing up the stats review with the max swell.

 Oh and don’t forget about the added sweetener that we included last time! We will be showing off the sickest surf photo taken by one of our users this week.

 This week’s longest session is again from a Glassy User who we have featured a few times in Surf’s up with Glassy, SHOUTOUT to Asbjørn Brevik. Always topping our charts for the longest session, nice one!

Longest session: 6h at La Punta, MEX

Well I would have put money on the spot that I thought was going come up this week but no, it wasn’t the usual! This week we have a new contender for the most surfed spot and its straight out of Northwest Italy. Bravo!

Most popular spot: Tre Ponti

This week the charts have really been shaken up, weve had a few new surfers popping up and dominating the charts. The most improved surfer this week is no exception so a big SHOUTOUT to Alexis with a massive amount of time tallied up! Good job!

Most improved surfer: 20h 45m

Crickey not a cold water surf spot for once! Some our Glassy user have been charing these waves and uploading their session for us to see, this week the max swell award is jetting off to Southern Australia.

Max swell: 9.5m at Discovery bay, AUS

Now Surf’s up with Glassy brings to you the photo of the week that our team thought was sick! Again a great response from our users so for your viewing pleasure here’s this week’s photo!

The photo we’ve got for you this week was sent in through #TakeTheNextWave on twitter by Mark Blackmoore‏ on twitter as @DimExcuses. An awesome viewpoint and perspective of the waves from his surf session in a spot called Llangennith in Wales.

Glassy surf photo
Glassy Mark Blackmoore


Next week there will be another instalment of “Surf’s up with Glassy” so you have a whole 7 days to get out there and track your surf sessions and maybe your name will appear in next weeks edition! If you haven’t already downloaded to app its available at both the App store and Google Play. Remember if you make it on This Week at Glassy and you’ve uploaded a photo of your surf  or a photo of your board/quiver we will include in the report and show your spot and gear to the whole Glassy Community!

Remember to #TakeTheNextWave and upload your surf sessions for us to see!

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