Who is Surfing more?

The community surrounding the app has reached

nearly 70,000 active users so we thought we would

give it an extra twist by introducing a really cool novelty!

We are happy to introduce to you the Glassy Rankings!



This option allows you to compete with other  Glassy users around the globe: International Ranking” As well as in your own country: National Ranking

Check out who surfs more often and dare to be Glassy Pro ranking’s number one!

If you haven’t tracked your sessions yet don’t worry! The leaderboards change every month, so even YOU have a chance to be the best and have your name written at the top of the list!

This new option can be found easily by tapping the menu icon on your screen and simply selecting “Leaderboards” 

Keep on surfing and challenge yourself and #TakeTheNextWave with Glassy Pro!!