Fake it until you make it! Surfing artificial waves!

Artificial wave

Today we are talking about artificial waves, what’s the deal with them? It’s definitely a trending and well debated topic in the surfing world, we see comments like “Thats awesome!” to “Hey, a wave is a wave so surfing is surfing!” and others that are so negative that we wouldn’t want our Glassy users to be subjected to such bad language. A brief, user friendly description about this kind of surfing would be that artificial wave pools are said to be a breeding ground for Kooks or my personal favourite Kook gardens.

We know of three at the moment that are fully functioning, the first two are called “Wadi Adventure” in Al Ain, UAE and Big Surf Wave Park in Maricopa county USA. However the only way you’re gonna be able to ride those waves is if you’ve got cash to burn or live in those countries which isn’t good for the rest of us! The last one we know of is in the Basque Country but again its not really open for everyone as its more of a test centre for the wave technology and a place for the pros like Kelly Slater to train. So what about the rest of us, will we ever be able to catch an artificial wave without it breaking the bank account? Well, we are seeing proposals on the horizon for loads of new manmade wave pools that are gonna be popping up everywhere. To give you a sense of how many proposals there are out there we have some info on the latest locations, the most anticipated being in Snowdonia, North Wales but also in Montreal, Canada; Varberg, Sweden; Melbourne, Australia; Queensland, New Zealand; Oahu, Hawaii; Sochi, Russia and the lists goes on! So the answer to the original question is yeah we will be able to do this “fake surfing” but for now we’ve just got to wait.


For all of you who live and work far from where you go surfing, there would be so many benefits for you. Imagine those days in the week that you’ve got free or those weekends where all you want to do is surf but the beach is just too far away or the forecast isn’t looking great. You are not alone because we have all been there from time to time, but instead of staying at home and sulking whilst watching playlists of big surf, you will have two options to choose from. The first being improving your surf without getting wet with the help of us here at Glassy Pro and this article we published, or the second option would be for those of you who are lucky enough to live close to one of these new developments, in that case grab your gear, start the car and head off to practice on the most consistently perfect waves you’ll ever find.

Okay, that sounds great but lets chill, take a little step back and think about the future of surfing for a minute. We all know the popularity of surfing keeps on growing, and more and more people are getting into the sport/lifestyle (if anyone is looking a few beginner’s tips then check this out). This will in turn increase the demand for these inland artificial wave pools and in the future we may see a generation of artificial wave surfers who have never once experienced taking the drop in the vast blue! On the other hand, it brings the joy of surfing to everyone, everywhere regardless of where you live, less accidents as there are significantly less dangers and it also may even make your favourite surfing spot less crowded.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Love them or hate them, we want to know what your thoughts are of this trend and whether it will bring something to surfing or take something away from surfing? Its all subjective really but its nice to know where our Glassy users stand. Also if any of you out there are planning on checking out the artificial wave pools we covered in this piece then go for it, but remember to track your sessions with our app available on both IOS and Android. All the wave pools will be added as spots to our app as soon as they open so don’t sweat it!

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