Surfing and meditation give the same sensation!

Surfing & Meditation

Meditation is in right now, everyones doing it. Well almost everyone, if you are a surfer or aren’t a member of our surfing community at GlassyPro and haven’t given meditation a shot then here is a little How-to and a few reasons why you should try it because its as good as surfing for escaping those negative emotions.

Just like when you’re surfing you have to break all ties to your daily stresses, this means no mobile phones, no tv, nothing that is going take away your focus. It might be difficult at first but like anything a little bit of practice and you’ll be a pro!

1. So first off you need to get comfortable and this means finding your loosest fitting clothing and a chill place to sit down. Oh and don’t think you have to sit in the lotus position like above because you really don’t, a position you feel comfortable which isn’t forced. You can even put your feet up!

2. You’ve got to clear your mind, this bit is quite difficult but bare with us. Try not to think of anything, stare at something in front of you a little bit into the distance like at your favourite surfing spot looking out to at the Ocean. Okay good so now we are staring and not thinking, its a good start. Goodbye stress, hello peace and tranquility!

3. You can start meditating from as little as 2 minutes a day to something like 15 minutes a day. It all depends how long you can remain in the zone for, of course it will be slightly difficult at the start but as soon as you start feeling the benefits your session will get longer and longer.

4. Its all about relaxing so don’t force yourself to breathe really deeply instantly, just keep it natural. Theres an ancient breathing technique you could try that has been used for mediation, its known as “Counting the Breath”. Basically when you breathe out count to four (one….two….three….four) over and over again, this allows you relax and drift off whilst always keeping you in the here and now when you return to the number one.

Surfing and meditation
The Inertia

And there you have it, your first mediation experience. It will be especially effective on a day like today, the dreaded monday! Why not give it a go this week after after work or surfing, and maybe you will feel the benefits as do many people (whom are not just surfers) across the globe. Surfing is so much more than a sport and linking it in with meditation will unlock so many benefits. Heres a few of the benefits below just to give you an insight into what you can expect;

Complete calmness to prior to or post a stressful day

A great sense of well-being

Clear and uncluttered mind

Natural high

Improves physical health such as the immune system

Sharp mind in stressful situations

GlassyPro: Meditation and surfing are the epitome of chill #TakeTheNextWave