Surfer’s Resolutions for this 2015


 5 resolutions to challenge yourself surfing next year!!!

 Surf more. Because no matter how much went out, you always want more

Keep traveling. Get out there; explore new places and discover new waves

Push your limits. Go charge bigger and stronger waves and overcome your fears

Rip harder. Try out new maneuvers and improve your surfing techniques

Have fun! Don’t forget, surfing is always about having fun


If you feel like taking the challenge, you can start tracking your progression with the Glassy Pro app (for both iOs and Android). Or dare to try a more detailed tracking of your surf sessions with Glassy Pro One, the Smartwatch for surfers.

Thank you for being a part of our Glassy Pro Community.
We wish you the best for this New Year.

Get out there this 2015 and #TakeTheNextWave!!!