Relief to back pain with Glassy’s 7 easy steps

Perfect surf session

Today this article is your little pot of treasure at the end of a rainbow if you suffer from lower back pain! Lower back pain sucks because its a real killer and it can come up out of the blue at anytime! Bad posture and technique from a surf session(s) can lead to it building up slowly without you even knowing, or instantly after a wipeout. We understand how painful it is and therefore today we are going to help you to do something about it.

 First of all we gonna tackle back pain by starting off with a few words of wisdom on how to prevent it ever arising. Lower back pain is prevalent within all walks of life, whether you’re a sedentary secretary, a big burly builder and someone who just loves to surf! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing try and keep good posture, sit up straight, lift with your legs or get a surf coach if necessary in order to keep good posture. Lower back pain is especially commonplace in the surfing community and can be caused by both real and artificial waves so if you have it take a look at these 7 steps for a bit of relief!

For each of the exercises we recommend you work each leg for about 30 seconds and then swap to the other leg. The last exercise obviously is just about a total stretch of you back so therefore grab something big and static and lean back for about thirty seconds, the repeat once or twice more.

1. The hamstring floor stretch 

Hamstring floor stretch

2. Hip flexors stretch

hip flexor stretch

3. The priformas stretch

Priformas stretch

4. The lying down quadricep stretch 

The lying down quad stretch

5. The Piriformas stretch

Single knee to chest stretch

6. The Spinal stretch

spinal stretch

7. The Full-back stretch

Full back stretch

All of the above excersices are extremely therapeutic, not as chill as a surf session we must admit. Hopefully they will work for you in the same way that they have for many others. It may not be a quick fix so make sure you always talk to your Doc about issues with your back and if everything is A-OK to try the stretches then we would highly recommend checking them out. Also why not take a little break out of your day and try meditation, have a read of our article Surfing and meditation give the same sensation and give it a shot maybe after a surf session.

Glassy: Everyone enjoys the surf but if you’re posture and technique are whack then you could be in for some problems, we say stretch stretch stretch before you surf #TakeTheNextWave