New Features to track your sessions

At Glassy Pro we’re constantly working to develop new features to ensure you all enjoy the surf tracking and help you take your surf experience to the next level.

Today we’d like to tell you about a couple new features that we’ve added recently…


Introducing the new Session Graphs

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a clearer, faster and easier way of seeing and monitoring your progress, thanks to a bar-graph that shows the duration of your sessions (Duration mode) and the height of the waves you have surfed (Height mode).

You can access the Session Graphs from the Sessions screen, by tapping on the Graph  icon next to the Add Session icon.

Glassy new Sessions Graphs


New Board Size parameters in your Quiver

Now you can add your board dimensions (height, width, thickness & volume) to your quiver in the Glassy Pro app.

To add your board’s dimensions to your quiver, go to Profile >  Quiver, then select a board (or add a new one), tap the Edit icon and then tap on the “Size” row.



Monitor your performance, see your progress and enjoy tracking your surf sessions with Glassy Pro!!

Thanks for being part of our community and #TakeTheNextWave

The Glassy Pro Team