New features in Glassy Pro

After several months of developing in Glassy Pro with the iOS and Android apps, we are going to tell you about what we’ve been up to. These are the new features.

Advanced forecast

From the Dashboard, you can now access an impressive advanced Forecast in landscape view just like you’d find it on the website, with forecasts up to 7 days in advance and accurate hour by hour! Simply touch the “Advanced” button on the app’s Dashboard, or turn your smartphone horizontally and the Forecast is going to appear. To exit, just turn it again so it is vertical or touch X. We have also polished the precision of forecasts around the world.

Advanced Forecast Glassy Pro


We have developed the option of adding images to your surf sessions, something that you had been asking us to do for a while, and to the spots as well. Take a picture of your session before getting into the water or after finishing and you will have it linked to it. You can also add comments about the session, another function we have added after having it requested by many Glassy users.

Surfer Glassy Pro

 Social functionality

We have begun integrating the social part, starting with “friends”. You can search for, look up your friends list as well as adding friends from social networks like Facebook and Twitter and from your own contact list. The next part we shall integrate into the apps is the timeline just like you can see it on Glassy Pro.


We have added under “Settings” the possibility of sending your comments, both about bugs and possible improvements from the app itself so you can get in touch with us directly. We have also added the possibility of rating the app whenever you want to. When you touch this field it will take you straight to App Store or Play Store where you can leave us a review, and we encourage you to do so!

We have solved a lot of bugs and we continuing to polish the apps day after day with new versions. We have also adapted the app to iOS 7. We have added improvements in the performance, speed, design and usability of the apps and reduced it in size, and we still think we are light years away from what we want to do!

Send us your comments and any ideas that you have for making Glassy Pro even better at:!

Happy surfing!