New 2.0 Version is on the loose!

We have released the new version of the Glassy Pro app for iOS and Android. It has a new flat design, an easier functioning and wastes less battery! We are also going to give you a little sneak peak of future Glassy updates!


Glassy Pro 2.0

Flat Design 

The app has now a new design. We decided to transfer all the application to flat design. It looks cleaner; it’s easier to manage and consumes less energy. Surf more and waste less battery!!

New Inbox and Timelines

It’s said an image is worth a thousand words. Now with the new Glassy timelines you can have a better perspective of all the moves you make inside Glassy’s community.

With the user’s timeline you will see all the activity of the platform: added sessions, uploaded photos, changes of your local spot, new friends you add…

The spot’s timeline allows you to see all the activity related with a certain spot. It is a more specific timeline, as the friend’s timeline, that it’s been actually requested by many Glassy users and finally we are going to release it! It will allow you to see all the activity of your friends and other Glassy users located around your area.

Pre-Order the Smartwatch!

Go to the file Smartwatch and check it out! You can pre-order now the Smartwatch for surfers | Glassy Pro One | directly from your phone with the new app.

If you enjoy tracking your surf sessions with our app, dare to take it to the next level tracking also every wave you take with our Smartwatch for surfers.

Set your Stance

Are you Goofy or Regular footed? Yeah, we care about that too, and we want to include that in your Glassy’s profile. Now you can incorporate your stance in your Who would upload more sessions, regular or goofy footers?!

Glassy Pro 2.0

|| Sneak peak of Glassy’s future news ||

We are working on the development of our own Glassy Pro WIDGET for you phone!

Enjoy the new app and stay tuned to the new Glassy updates!!

#TakeTheNextWave with Glassy Pro