Master your cutback


The cutback is one of the maneuvers that require a lot of practice. It’s not hard to learn it but very difficult to perform it properly. So here we give you some tips of how to master the cutback and make it technically perfect.

The first step is to pick the right part of the wave to perform the cutback. It should be done where the wave is backing-off. Very important: the speed in this maneuver is the key. So to start the cutback get high up on the wave because the higher you drop from, the more speed you will gain.

The maneuver begins at the bottom of the wave where all the energy zone is so that’s very important to not lose the speed. The faster you go, the better it is to come round and do the cutback. While making the turn the weight must turn on to the heels, that’s called forehand cutback.

When you come all way round it’s called roundhouse cutback. The two important keys doing the roundhouse are the good weight distribution and body rotation. When your board changes the direction so must you. Also don’t forget to keep your eyes on the way you want to change the direction to. Sometimes happens that you can make your turn too early when the wave is too vertical. So that this doesn’t happen look over your shoulder in the direction you want to turn and then it will be easier to turn the surfboard correctly and not to spin out.


And remember that good surfers make the turn look like figure 8 and average surfers make it like an S. Making a figure 8 turn helps you to change the direction for the rebound on time.

Then we have the rebound, the comeback on the breaking wave. Here the speed is also very important. To not to lose the speed you have to hold crouched legs until you can see the white wash. The eyes must be focused on the point where the rebound will be made. Then push your legs straight with a lot of power and twist the head and shoulders towards the rebound point and right before reaching the rebound, twist them back the other side. While doing the rebound put most of the weight on the back foot and the legs must be crouched too so you can do it with speed and flow. When you’re done with the rebound stay little bit crouched and you can prepare yourself for the next move.

We hope that these tips have been helpful for you. And don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Stay tuned and improve your surfing with! #TakeTheNextWave