The Launch of Glassy Pro for Android

After four months of hard work we can finally say, version 1.0 of Glassy Pro for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store! A lot of you out there have been asking for Glassy Pro for Android and you are not going to be disappointed. This version not only contains all of the features of the iOS versions 1.0 and 1.2, but it has even more features that are not yet available for iOS, such as the ability to use the app 100% offline.

To sum it up, this shiny new Android version contains:

Profile. A personalised page that displays key statistics such as your level, total number of surf sessions, total time spent in the water, number of sessions per month, number of hours surfed last month, the largest wave that you’ve caught and the average wave height that you have been surfing.

Dashboard. Displays a summary of your statistics and your local spot, along with a five-day forecast of conditions there.

Sessions. A history of your sessions per month and info about each one, including the spot, date of session, swell conditions, and quality of the session, along with the possibility to share each session in your social networks. You can also edit your sessions once you have uploaded them (no exaggerating the wave height though!)

Surf Spots. A map of 4,000 spots worldwide! You can select your favourites, as well as see the spots closest to you. This feature also includes different map views and a search option with different filters, so that you can find your perfect spot.

Notifications. Choose a spot, create an alert and adjust the parameters to fit your ideal conditions in order to receive alert when your favourite spot has your perfect conditions.

Settings. Adjust your wind, temperature and wave height metrics and link up your account with your social networks in order to share your sessions with Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, this brand spanking new Android version of Glassy Pro also functions 100% offline so that you can enjoy it without needing to use data, or be connected to wifi or 3G.