Killing the Earth means killing the surf!

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Listen up Glassy Users today is the 45th anniversary of Mother Earth day, if you haven’t heard of it heres a brief description! The 22nd of April is the one day of every year that is dedicated to environmental awareness and honouring the awesome planet that we all call home, with over 200 million people in 141 different countries getting involved last year and its fully endorsed by the UN, we thought we would make our own contribution to spreading the word to our surf community.

“So this year Earth day 2015 is all about the oceans” 

As we know some people are still debating whether climate change and human impact on the environment actually exist…maybe its because they don’t actually see it in their own day to day lives but we assure you its definitely happening all around us and you don’t have to look far to see it. Im sure there have been many times when you have hit the surf and noticed things that shouldn’t be there, well this is what we are trying to reduce. The Earth is the one thing that connects every single one of us and it especially connects us surfers, because the surface of the Earth is roughly 71% covered by Oceans therefore this year Earth Day 2015 is all about the oceans.

Lets compare a children’s playground with the ocean, each has a community dependant on it. Both are areas that a particular community enjoys but they have their differences, one has swings and slides and the other has great surf. It seems to be that is morally wrong to pollute a children’s playground yet the ocean doesn’t seem to get the same recognition, mainly because not everyone sees it and it doesn’t affect the majority of peoples lives on a day to day basis. Does that warrant it acceptable to forget about our beloved vast blue and sit on the side lines and do nothing? Of course not!

Polluted surf and Ocean

The Oceans are on the brink, its time we change our lifestyles to cut our carbon footprints and protect them. Some of the biggest names in the surfing world such as Greg Long and Alex Gray are embracing a clean and environmentally friendly way of life in order to do their bit in saving the planet whilst still catching waves like they always have. Education and the media have really helped to get the cause of being green across the globe, especially with the younger generations and therefore nowadays being environmentally friendly is not only seen as the cool thing to do but also an obligation.

If you want to find out what you can do as a surfer to help protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint when you surf then we suggest you check out these 4 tips for those who love the ocean we published a while ago that gives you all the tips to become green and squeaky clean (environmentally speaking).

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