Keep your filthy paws off Mundaka’s shore!


“The Mecca of surfing in Europe” and “best wave for pro-surfers” are only a couple of the massive amounts of opinions we have seen being made about the surf from the small town of Mundaka in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Glassy has its root in Northern Spain therefore this surf spot is pretty important to us but something outrageous is happening there that the world needs to know about, and to us and many others that famous saying about history repeating itself couldn’t be more true.

The fight began back in the “Noughties” when this sick surf spot got ransacked by the dredging of around 300,000 cubic metres of sand. This completely ruined the renowned spot as the amazing barrel-waves from the left we used to see just ceased to exist and theres a tonne of evidence stating the importance of the surf spot to local area in terms of tourism…so its safe to say a lot of people were pretty pissed off!

Mundaka barrel

If they didn’t royally ruin the spot last time they are trying again! It took two years for Mundaka to naturally replenish itself back to its former glory and now Mundaka is being subject to dredging again, to improve a beach down the road thus turning that beach into something mediocre and our treasured surf spot into something as flat as a pancake. This time its happening right under the noses of every surfer globally, so its only right that we are fighting back with everything we have got. Social media and the internet have absolutely ballooned since 2004 and now everyone around the world can get behind this cause #SaveMundaka to stop another 40,000 cubic metres being dredged! The hashtag above is the social media campaign and here you can do you’re bit by signing the petition.

Why on earth would you destroy something that means so much to so many people/surfers? and that fact that is one of the best left surf spots in the world makes the whole thing even more ludicrous. Mundaka appears in our weekly review “Surf’s up with Glassy” almost every week consistently, in both the most popular spot and longest session so back off and get your sand somewhere else!

Glassy: As a community lets work together and show your support at #SaveMundaka and #TakeTheNextWave