Its time to surf the wave of change!

Bad times for Surf and Oceans

Plastic, its one of those love hate relationships and we’ve all had them. In our history on this planet we’ve seen the stone age, we’ve seen the bronze age and now we are seeing the plastic age. I know, I know this “age” doesn’t really have the same ring to it but its definitely made a massive impact on us from both the good and bad. We use plastic for absolutely everything, like bottles for the water we drink and even polluting our oceans that we surf.


Its been seen time and time again especially by us surfers for whom the Ocean is a beautiful place with surf spots full of past memories and new ones to come, but the fact that its increasingly becoming the worlds dump and the destruction of our favourite spots is a disgrace. There are millions of tonnes of plastic and it pretty much surfs around our oceans due to the 5 Gyres which are like massive spinning ocean currents. The ecological effects of this are devastating but also there are hidden effects such as the poisoning of the food chain…which we are at the top of, and significant economic effects.

ocean garbage gyres

 Nowadays surf culture has evolved with the times embracing not only the environment as we have always done but also technology. Gone are the days of stereotypes that we are simple-minded beach bums and hello to the plugged-in, athletic, surfing activists…I like it. So below we are gonna introduce you to an idea we came across that with our support from our surfing community could become a massive triumph of our generation!


This project is known as the The Ocean Clean Up and its a way of using technology to “extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution.”  Instead of chasing the rubbish around forever with massive nets and loads of ships -kind of like an ongoing episode of Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner- some very smart people decided to let the the garbage be carried by the movement of the Ocean to exactly where it can be collected. Basically to any of the many kilometres wide floating barriers that will be static waiting to catch all of the plastic, obviously this is just brief explanation and official website explains it much better so take a look at the link above.

The Ocean Clean up

 The problem we face is massive and you should definitely check out the article we posted on Earth Day last week called Killing the Earth means Killing the Surf. With this project there is another solution to the problem other than just trying to encourage everyone to recycle and be more environmentally friendly, which we must add is super important.

For those of you reading this whom are avid surfers then take a look at the article we posted on how to be a green surfer, its called 4 tips for those who love the Ocean and its basically a guide to help keep doing what you love yet being environmentally responsible at the same time, because we’ve all got to pull our wait somehow.

Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner