Hey! There are new features on the way!

We are stoked to send out this post because Glassy Pro is gonna get pimped out with a load of great new features over the summer. There are almost too many things coming up to count and today we are going to show off about some of the things that you are soon going to be able to enjoy at http://glassy.pro, such as:

Public Spots

Soon you’ll be able to see a page called Spot Only. It will be public so that you won’t even need to register in order to see it. On this page you’ll be able to access all the info, photos, videos and ratings that are linked to a spot. You’ll also be able to leave your own comments and see loads of relevant info such as how many people have surfed there, for how many hours, the average wave height, best sessions surfer there etc.

New Profiles

We’re all looking forward to this! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the totally revamped profile page – it will be more social and much improved (something that won’t be difficult J). It’s gonna include your sessions, personal info, boards, competitions and more.

Session Page

As well as the current Glassy Pro spot page, we are also going to enable you to create a page for every surf session, where you can put info, photos and videos on your surf, as well as share it with your friends.

Board Upload With Images

You can already upload your different boards with images and soon you will be able to synchronize this feature with your iPhone or Android Smartphone, meaning that you have to upload your quiver ASAP and start to play around with it on your mobile apps. Are we missing your favorite shapers or brands? Send us an email with all the info of the shaper or brand to info@glassy.pro and we will add ‘em!

New Dashboard

We are combining the wall with the Dashboard, so that you will be quickly be able to see everything that is going on Glassy, all in one place. We can’t wait much longer, we want to see it now now now!

Improved Forecast

Shortly we are going to add a forecast rating and, even more importantly, soon you be able to get an hour-by-hour forecast of all of the spots worldwide. With other forecast providers you can normally only see a 3 to 4 hours forecast, so Glassy Pro is really pushing the boundaries on this one! You can already see the hourly forecast on spots in the Mediterranean – go check it out!

Our developers are working their socks off to get all of these great features working for you as soon as possible. And don’t forget that this is only the start of what we have planned for Glassy Pro!