Glassy Pro Web Settings

If there was one thing about Glassy Pro that needed to be completely changed, from top to toe, it was the Settings page. Well here it is, completely redone! We have divided the page into 6 parts, making it easier to edit your profile info. The parts are:

Personal info, where you can access and alter all your personal profile info, change your profile photo, and change your username and password, among other things.

Surfing info, this is where you can include information that is very important to Glassy’s future functionality – although we are not gonna give anything away about that just yet :) Here, you can change your local spot, introduce info about your quiver, wetsuits and even whether you are goofy or regular.

Sharing, where you can link up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to be able to share your sessions, and many other things.

Settings, here you can change your timezone and Glassy metrics, such as wind speed, temperature and wave height.

Notifications, this is where you can adjust and add the notifications that you want to receive.

Privacy, where you can adjust your privacy levels.

The Settings page is constantly evolving as we adapt it to Glassy Pro’s new functions. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you guys informed.

Happy surfing!