Glassy Pro iOS Version 1.2


After a few months of hard work, we are launching Glassy Pro version 1.2 for iOS.
Here are some of the features and improvements that you can enjoy with this new version:

-The metrics in Setting are now separate so you can select different wind, temperature and wave height metrics according to your preferences.

-You can now use both the iOS and Android apps to edit your sessions – a feature that a lot of you have been asking for. Previously, if you made a mistake when uploading a session or you wanted to add extra data you could only do it from the website, whereas now you can do it using the app!

-In response to a lot of requests, we have added the following wind parameters: Glassy, offshore and onshore.

-Glassy is now linked to Instagram, a feature that we will further improve in future versions.

-An ‘Alert Notification’ Icon.

-A new, five day forecast feature.

-A ‘Quick Session’ button on the Dashboard that you can use to skip through menus.

-Confirmation of Logout – making it more difficult to exit the app by accident.

We have also fixed the following bugs:

-Closing of the app when accessing certain spots.

– The registration error – now, as you choose your spot during registration you can still go back to the previous page.

– For many users, the app was freezing upon starting up – but no longer!