Glassy Pro’s Friends Page

We have given the Friends page a make-over! Check it out here – now you can search for your friends and choose between several different options when adding them. The page’s new layout consists of a tab system that is divided into two parts.

In the first part you can see:

Your friends all of your friends in alphabetical order, their Glassy level and local spot.

Find Friends a search bar where you can search for friends by name, location or local spot. Here, Glassy will also suggest new friends for you, according to your local spot or friends in common.

In the second part you can see:

Invite Friends where you can send personalised invitations, as well as view sent and accepted invitations.

Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, where you can see which of your friends are already using Glassy Pro and invite those who aren’t.

Send us your comments and any ideas that you have for making Glassy Pro even better at:!