Glassy Pro. A promising project

Welcome to Glassy Pro, a project that’s going to revolutionize the surf world. There’s recently been a boom in sport-related technology, related to running, cycling, etc, but there hasn’t been anything in the boardsports field…

Until now! Glassy Pro is here to complete your surfing experience. Our aim is to provide you with technology that makes life even better. You can receive notifications when your
favorite spots are pumping, chart your surfing performance and that of your friends, view a history of your surf sessions, along with many other features and surprises that we have up our sleeves!

I’ve been hooked on surfing since I started, over twenty years ago, at local breaks, such as Zarautz, Mundaka, Anglet and Hossegor.  There is nothing like the feeling of catching a wave, I’m always thinking about being in the water when I’m at work or on days when the conditions suck – arn’t we all? In 2007 I moved to Valencia, where it’s only possible to surf during the winter. I started running to keep fit and discovered apps like Nike+ and Run Keeper; this was when I realized that a lot of the functions that these apps offer could be adapted for surfing. And that was the start of this amazing project.

We’re starting with a bang with the mobile app (already available for iPhone and very soon for Android) and website, where you can already find more than 4,000 surf spots (this figure should hit 10,000 in the coming months) and where you can also create a profile, communicate with surfers all of the world, and upload info on your surf sessions. And we’re not stopping there! The future looks promising and includes…

  • Being able to use your phone to capture precise data on your surf session, for example, how high the waves that you’re catching are (don’t worry, your phone won’t get wet, we’re dealing with that too!).
  • A line of watches that is going to change the way you surf. Keep your eyes peeled for more info and get ready to be surprised. ;)

We’ve got a few more months of hard work in front of us and we want all you surf lovers out there to help us create the perfect product. You can hit us with any ideas or questions that you have about the project through the contact form on the website.

Welcome to Glassy Pro, the definitive surfing app. It’s a pleasure creating this project for you.