Condition Alerts

One of the functions that we thought had been lacking from Glassy Pro was the ability to adjust spot condition alerts from the website in the same way that you can do it using the iOS and Android apps – but it is lacking no longer! From today, if you go to the Forecast panel you will find an ‘alert’ button on the upper right corner. You can also visit the Spots panel, find your spot and click the ‘alert’ button there too – magic!

Setup an alert for when conditions are metWhen you click ‘alert’, the same parameters will come up as on the smartphone app:

  • Minimum swell height
  • Swell direction
  • Minimum wave period
  • Maximum wind speed
  • Wind direction

The most significant parameter is ‘swell height,’ as not all of the parameters have the same weight in the algorithm. We are working on improving this and you will see improvement in successive versions of Glassy Pro. As ever, any suggestions or ideas are welcome :)