Break the mold and face the cold! Surf spots you wouldn’t expect…

Thick wetsuits and freezing temperatures. Cold-water surfing has been growing in popularity for a while now and it definitely won’t be slowing down anytime soon. It’s a well known fact that it can be bitterly cold in some of the most famous european surf spots such as in the UK, Ireland and the Basque country. This is especially true in the winter months, but what if we were to tell you that there are some serious swells in spots well away from all the crowds and way off the beaten track? Amazing videos and photos are popping up all over the internet of some of the harshest surf spots imaginable, and they are the complete opposite of all the iconic and renowned destinations we love around the world, but the question is could you trade the sun and the sand for ice and snow all in the name of catching that perfect wave?

Source: Todd Glaser


More and more people are saying goodbye to the paradise like surf spots of Southern California, Australia and Hawaii, to head north and say hello to places such as Norway, Iceland and even the Arctic. It has to be said that these spots are not for the faint hearted, and surf sessions in these cold unforgiving environments are not going to let you catch that perfect wave easily. Some of the roughest seas in the world paired with some brutal added extras such as powerful wind and undercurrents, endless blizzards and the constant threat of hypothermia. On the other hand these surf spots can not only produce that one perfect wave that you have been waiting for, but also open your eyes to an environment far from the sandy beaches and the palm trees. Snow covered mountains and thick forests are something completely alien to the majority of surfers and therefore there’s no need to worry about people dropping in or those who have no idea about surfing etiquette.


When we here at Glassy Pro first heard about this surf trend, we decided to check out if any of our users have uploaded any surf sessions taking on these extreme conditions, with a quick look at our Surf Spots. Kodiak Island in Alaska, Nova Scotia in Canada and a place called Vestvågøy in northwest Norway, were just a few of the surf spots uploaded. This shows us that surfing is so much more than just a sport that we do when the weather is nice, and Glassy Users from all over the world are leading the way. They are putting away their board shorts and donning the thickest of wetsuits, now that is dedication!


Glassy Pro: #TakeTheNextWave wherever it may be.