A surfer’s mission for optimal nutrition!

Healthy food

If you wanna maximise your potential in surfing and in life then let’s get one thing straight taking care of you body isn’t just about hitting the gym a few times a week or surfing/charging some gnarly waves on a few surf sessions each weekend.  The bigger picture is proper nutrition is essential in order to surf, therefore we’ve got to think about what we are putting into our bodies as well. Your insides and your outside work together in harmony so if you start neglecting one the other won’t appreciate it at all, and neither will your surf sessions!

 So here is a quick look at how you can improve not only your surf but your life in general by following these 3 simple nutrition baby-steps.

 1. Protein

High-Protien food

 Why? Well your body already has a lot of protien that it uses for general things like hair growth and your nails..blah blah blah but you need more! The extra high quality protein, complete protein or as we call it that good protein in your diet is essential for slow releasing energy and to silence those annoying hunger growls in your stomach. More importantly they make you stronger by building up those exercised muscles after a surf session so that they are better than what they were before.

How? We are talking about all the obvious types of protein like beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs and then the lesser known but much more effective sources such as legumes and beans. Remember though! They maybe all sources of protein but the list above also goes in order of highest saturated fat content to lowest so watch out (Beef ➜ Legumes/beans). We are Omnivores not just Carnivores!

 2. Good carbs

Simple carbs

 Why? We’ve definitely all experienced ourselves or someone else that is HANGRY (hungry and angry) and it’s not a pretty sight. Our diet as a surfer needs to have carbs in order to get optimal energy levels, and this energy comes about in two ways. The way carbs give you the energy you need for your day and surf session (any physical activity) are through your blood sugars. Either for a short period of time (simple carbs) or for a long period of time (complex carbs) depending on what type of carbs you eat.

 How? The natural sugars found in simple carbs like fruits will give you a short term natural energy boost without the dramatic UP and then DOWN crash from sweets and artificial sugar. The other way is the starchy carbs (complex carbs) that help you run for longer so endurance is improved, these are foods like pasta, rice, bread, sweet potato, yams, yuca and plantain. Chips/Fries do not count! Both forms of carbs are needed prior to a surf session!

 3. Alkaline foods! 

Green Veggies

What? Basically the majority of things we eat are acidic! You need have a balance in the PH levels in our diet otherwise a diet comprising of too much acidic food is gonna cause you to have low energy and muscle endurance, and a weak immune system. If we are not eating enough alkaline-forming foods, then our body has to pull these minerals from our bones, teeth and organs. This can affect our immune system, causing fatigue and make us vulnerable to viruses and disease :( .

How? We need to eat a diet of 60-80% alkaline-forming foods and 20-40% acid-forming foods. Forget about the acidic fast-food and processed foods like burgers and all the other rubbish they are not gonna improve your surf. Take care of your body and start eating those leafy-greens, avocados, beans, grains basically anything colourful, fresh and organic that doesn’t have an ingredients label on it!

There you go! That was your 101 on a good diet for surfers and anybody really, just stick to those three simple steps as well as excersing and of course surfing and you’ll be fine! We promise a few small changes will help you feeling better and doing better whether it be during a surf session or anywhere. Check out one of our past articles on how to keep physically fit its called “So you wanna improve your surf” and don’t forget about meditation either, its super effective!

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