5 apps to make a surfing adventure possible

Surfing trip

A group of us here at GlassyPro have been racking our brains in order to put together this list especially for you, our users! Our plan has always been to make your surfing experiences the best they can possibly be, and this article gives you the chance to make your dreams a reality all from your sofa or maybe from on the toilet (admit it we all use our phones whilst on the loo!).  These five apps are going to help you plan the surfing trip of a lifetime all from your smartphone so sit back, relax (don’t strain) and read on!

1. Glassy Pro

Firstly answer us a couple of questions, do you fancy charging some new waves and checking out a different surf? Are you always looking on the GlassyPro app and seeing people upload sick new surf spots? Why not start your surfing adventure now, go on the Glassy and browse surfing spots all over the world, wherever you want you to go. You can check out everything about the surf, the reviews and the forecast all from your smartphone. Its pretty impressive, we know!

2. Skyscanner

When the surfing spot and destination are agreed upon, next up with our surfing adventure of a lifetime we are gunna have to find some cheap flights. If you have ever tried to go travelling on a budget you’ll know it isn’t that easy especially with the endless painstaking search for cheap flights, however do not fear Skyscanner is here. All direct flights in just one search, Marvellous!

plane and sunset


So we’ve already talked a bit about flights, but the app above is only really useful for direct flights. At times though direct flights aren’t always the best option especially if you’re a surfer looking for a bargain. One question has to be asked in relation to flights and deals….the question is How long would you be willing to wait to get the cheapest rate? If you answered “Yeah pretty long” then say hello to Skiplagged, its you’re helping hand to finding connecting flights that are cheaper than flying direct.

4. Airbnb

Flights…check! Next up is accommodation…! We’re not sure if you’ve heard of the sharing economy but its blowing up, everyones getting involved. Basically what’s yours and you are not using can be used by some else at a small cost…easy! Airbnb is the latest part of this craze and its so cool, you just sign up and then you have the option of renting a spare room or someones whole place for however long you desire in thousand of destinations across the globe. Its simple and effective but its all based on trust so don’t blow it!

Beach shack

5. Google maps/translate

You’ve got a flight, you’ve got somewhere to stay, so lastly we’ve got to think about how you are going to get around, and for that Google is the one. Google apps like Google Maps and Google Translate really do save the day when it comes to travelling, especially when you are completely out of your comfort zone in a foreign country where you don’t have a notion on how to speak the language. These pair of apps will get you far when you submerged in another culture so don’t worry, just make sure you have internet.

Glassy Pro: It couldn’t be easier now a days to plan the trip of a lifetime #TakeTheNextWave