4 healthy energy drinks to improve your surf!


Energy filled surf session


We all know that feeling when you’re down in the dumps and just really don’t want to get up and start the day, go to the gym or commit to a surf session. When you generally just can’t be arsed and physically can’t move….yep personally i get it on a monday. When our energy levels are as low as the flashing “low-gas” light coming from the dashboard of your car, that’s when we usually grab ourselves a sugar-filled, caffeine-stocked, generally unhealthy drink to get our hearts racing at 90 and make us feel less zombie like.

 Next time it’s going to be different and your body and mind are gonna appreciate it massively! With no caffeine or added sugar in sight, these 4 natural energy inducing drinks are going to transform your day and your surf.

So here you go, the 4 drinks in order of easiest to more difficult (just incase using a juicer first thing in the morning isn’t your cup of tea)

1. Lemon water

Lemon water

Water is THE best thing to drink when you’re looking for a quick energy boost before a surf session, but adding a lemon to the mix makes a massive difference. Pairing these two things together could possibly be the best thing you have ever done for your body and surf as in boosts brain power, keeps your lungs and gut healthy, clears up spots/blemishes, freshens your breath (essential) and keeps your immune system on point! Also science tells us although it’s a citrus fruit and acidic it actually alkalises your body, who would have know! Check out our blog on healthy eating and especially the bit on the A surfers mission for optimal nutrition.

2. Banana and wheat grass smoothie

Banana wheat grass smoothie

  The super-food that is banana is now going to be a super-smoothie! All you needs is;

  3-4 ripe bananas

  2 cups of cold water (more if you want it less thick)

  1 tablespoon of wheat grass powder

Bananas are simple carbs and therefore give you that healthy natural sugar energy boost you need! Adding a tablespoon full of wheat grass powder introduces all the other good stuff like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! Once again it’s a great way to alkalize the body.

 The next two drinks (3 & 4) are more time consuming to prepare but that little bit of extra effort the night before or in the morning before a surf session will definitely be worth it we promise. As its name suggests the first super-drink is all about those green veggies and the second is a taste sensation that could have you peeing red but don’t freak out it’s not blood, it’s only the beet root!

3. Green Supreme

Green Supreme

 2 big handfuls of kale (8 cubes )

  2 green apples

  2 green pears

  1 cucumber



4. Beetroot blend

Beetroot blend

 6 carrots

  4 peeled beetroot

  2 red apples

  A bit of peeled ginger



These drinks are delicious and are full of health benefits as well! If you are feeling low on energy before a morning surf session, and thinking about paddling out to go surfing is an absolute nope then have a super-drink. Your drained body needs the nutrients and trust us you will be feeling great and charging gnarly waves in next to no time.

And there you have it! The perfect healthy energy drinks to start your surf session or day in general. Test it out for a week before surfing or before a gym session like the one we wrote about a few weeks back “so you wanna improve your surf” and let us know in the comments if it improves your surf or you general well-being, who knows reading this article could be a life changing moment.

Glassy: Get pumped before your next surf session! These healthy energy drinks are cheap and cheerful helping you feel better when you #TakeTheNextWave